How much do dentures cost?

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What are dentures?

Whilst dental implants are fast becoming the ideal replacement for missing teeth, dentures still have many benefits and are a very useful alternative especially in cases where implants and bridges may not be possible.

Dentures can also be connected to implants to improve their stability and retention, which is quite a big problem for many patients with upper and lower complete dentures.

The implants placed in the jaw, can have connectors on them which the denture can clip onto. This makes the denture more stable and remains easily cleansable.


Dentures are designed so that they replicate the function of normal teeth. This will enable the improved ability to chew, speak and function.

Without teeth, it can be somewhat difficult to eat certain foods. A good set of well fitting dentures will enable you to eat most of your favourite foods once more.


Dentures are completely reversible and do not require adjustment or reliance on adjacent teeth. They are also completely reversible and can be adjusted, and teeth added to if required. Furthermore, If they deteriorate or break over time, they can be very easily repaired.

Dentures are very commonly used as an interim prosthesis whilst the mouth is healing for implant surgery. They can be very quickly made and manufactured and are removable.


By having teeth to replace missing ones, it can avoid the embarrassment of not having teeth and not smiling. This can also result in improved confidence and self-esteem which in turn can have a positive impact on your professional and personal life. Dentures can also be shaped to improve the soft tissue profile of the face which provides a fuller more youthful appearance


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