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What is a Tooth Extraction?

If teeth are suffering with dental decay, severe gum disease or have sustained a traumatic injury rendering it beyond repair, the tooth may need to be extracted.

Nothing can replace natural teeth. That is why we will always strive to maintain and save teeth if possible and their removal will only ever be on the basis of the tooth being unsalvageable. We base this decision on whether there is enough tooth structure to support a filling or crown where there is decay, and if there is enough bone and gum support to maintain the tooth if there is any infection present.

We will always discuss the options to replace missing teeth before the teeth are removed, so that you are fully informed about the whole process. This includes the following:

  1. Do nothing and review
  2. Denture
  3. Bridges
  4. Implants

We are also able to pre-fabricate a temporary denture or bridge before the extraction to place straight away after the extraction so that you will not have a gap present at all.

Dental extractions need not be painful as once the local anaesthetic has been given, the area will become numb. We will not proceed if you are in pain and will always provide you with enough anaesthetic to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.

On occasion, the teeth can be impacted or stuck behind other teeth, this is quite often the case with wisdom teeth. This obviously complicates matters, but you should rest assured that we have the latest diagnostic tools and technology, surgical equipment and expertise to ensure that your experience is a good one.

It can be quite a difficult experience when already anxious and nervous. For patient’s who fall into this category, we do provide a sedation service which involves placing a small drip in your hand or arm and provide you with a sedative medication to make you feel calm, relaxed and anxiety free.

Once the tooth is removed, all of the post operative instructions and advice will be provided so that you are able to look after the area accordingly

  Symptom Checker

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms below, you may need a Tooth Extraction.

Pain from a tooth is the body’s way of saying something is wrong with it. Usually this is due to tooth decay which can easily be treated, but if there is severe tooth decay and the tooth is not salvageable the tooth may need to be extracted.

Swelling is usually a sign of infection which can occur for a number of reasons. If a tooth is infected, it can cause the gum to swell and if left and worsens it can spread to the face.

Teeth that are decayed or have large fillings / restorations can fracture and break down. If they are unsalvageable, whilst we will always strive to save the tooth, if heavily broken down, it may result in the tooth needing to be extracted.

This is usually a sign of an infection which has affected the muscles controlling the opening and closing of the jaw. If this infection has spread this far, it can be very difficult to treat as access to the tooth is limited. It will usually require a course of antibiotics if it is an infection or jaw exercise / jaw joint therapy if it is the jaw joint which has locked.

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Tooth Extraction Pricing

General Tooth Extraction

from £150

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

from £350

General Tooth Extraction

from £150

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

from £350

Maintain a soft / liquid diet, as it can be slightly uncomfortable to eat after the extraction. Ensure you eat on the opposite side to where the extraction was.

Ensure you take regular painkillers, over the counter medication should suffice after a dental extraction. If the pain is getting worse, it may be a sign of an infection and you should seek dental advice from the dentist who removed the tooth. 

Do not rinse or spit for 24 hours. The act of spitting and rinsing can make the area bleed. Once 24 hours have passed, it is less likely to bleed as a clot is present. 

If there is bleeding it would be best to apply a damp gauze (or teabag) to the extraction area with a bit of pressure which will should help stop the bleeding. If this does not improve, seek dental advice and if out of hours, contact your local hospital.

Avoid smoking, the longer between the procedure and your first cigarette, the less likely you are to have an infection

After 24-48 hours rinse with hot salty water to help the area heal.

Surgical extractions are a bit more complicated than a simple straightforward extraction. This is often performed when there is not enough tooth structure to hold on to in order to remove the tooth. This can happen if the tooth is broken, at or below the gum line. 

If this is the case, the gum may need to be lifted from around the tooth and some  gentle bone removal around it may be required to loosen it and encourage it to come out. After the procedure some dissolvable stitches are usually placed to ensure the gums are closed over.

This procedure requires specific equipment, special expertise and experience in surgical tooth extractions.

The removal of teeth should not be painful as local anaesthetic is used throughout. At worst, the procedure may be slightly uncomfortable. Quite often being anxious and nervous can make you feel like there is pain, when it is just pressure. If this is the case sedation may be a good option for you.


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