• Fix chipped, small or mis-shapen teeth
  • No drilling or injections needed
  • Same day results
  • Affordable with 0% finance plans

 350+ 5 Star reviews

Fix chipped, small or
mis-shapen teeth

Do you have chipped teeth or teeth that are different sizes? then composite bonding could be the best option to repair the teeth.

No Drilling or Injections needed

No need to worry about pain or discomfort as the process is pain free. Also, there is no drilling of the natural teeth keeping them healthy and untouched.

Same day results

Save time effort and hassle and have the instant perfect smile you have always wanted on the same day!

Spread the cost with
0% finance plans

Enable yourself to spread the cost over a longer period of time to get the smile you have always wanted affordably.

Patient Testimonial

Composite Bonding Before and After

Google rating score of 4.8 of 5, based on 350+ reviews

Porchia A

Got my Invisalign and whitening with dr Kunal at the Fleet Street branch and it really has been life changing. He’s given me the confidence to smile and laugh without covering my mouth. Very professional and listens to what i wanted and always exceeded my expectations. Also makes the entire Invisalign journey easy and comfortable as he was always there to answer any questions I had at any time. Highly recommend ruh dental and dr Kunal. It really is the best decision I’ve made. Had so many compliments on my teeth, even by strangers.


I’ve been wanting to come to Ruh dental for years for a perfect smile, my experience has been amazing, the whitening kit really has brightened my teeth I’m always getting compliments from everyone so I’m very glad I chose Ruh.

Ellie Rodriguez

I couldn’t be happier with my experience at Ruh Dental. The staff are all really friendly and helpful, and every step of the treatment was clearly explained with no sales pressure at any time. My dentist was amazing and I’m so pleased with the outcome.


Finance Options

Evening and Weekend




life is too short not to smile

Easy 3 Step Action Plan


At Home Whitening
for 2 weeks

3-4 hour treatment appointment

What Can Composite Bonding Fix?

Gappy Teeth

Mishapen Teeth

Narrow Smile

How Much Does
Composite Bonding Cost?

from £400 per tooth

2-4 Teeth
Correct Discrepancies on front teeth
£45 per month 0% finance
From £800
6-8 Teeth
Correct Discrepancies on front teeth
Improve width of smile
£100 per month 0% finance
From £2400
8-10 Teeth
Correct Discrepancies on front teeth
Wildest Fullest Smile
£133 per month 0% finance
From £3200

Frequently Asked Questions

How many visits are needed?

The composites themselves are done in one appointment. We will always book a consultation appointment first. Most people will have a review appointment after to ensure they are completely happy.

Will I need an injection?

The great majority of all cases are completed pain-free and without the need for local anaesthetic.

Will my teeth need to be drilled?

In most cases composite is applied with no obvious drilling to the natural tooth. For cases that require tooth adjustment, you will be advised beforehand in the consultation appointment.

How long do composite veneers last?

As with most cosmetic dental procedures they will eventually need replacing. Typically we see good results of up to 5 years for composite veneers and 7 years for edge bonding, dependent upon care.

Is there a minimum number of teeth recommended?

There is no minimum recommendation for this. In order to gain optimal aesthetic results most individuals require approximately 8-10 composite restorations. This allows for a more uniform and symmetrical smile.

Composite bonding or porcelain veneers?

Composite bonding is a single session treatment option which is great to correct smaller imperfections, chips, cracks and minor spacing between the teeth.

Veneers on the other hand are lab made ultra thin sheets of ceramic material which are shaped to fit onto the teeth. They usually require some removal of natural tooth structure to create enough space for the veneer to attach to the tooth. They are normally recommended for larger imperfections of the teeth and as they are lab made, are more costly than composite bonding.

Do your teeth have to be straight first before composite bonding?

We would always recommend straightening before the bonding as it helps. Slight minor misalignment can be masked with composite. However it is always advisable to straighten with braces or invisalign first.

What is the composite bonding procedure?

The tooth surface is thoroughly cleaned and then prepared with a gel that roughens the surface microscopically. The putty like composite resin material is then applied using special instruments and brushes to sculpt to the desired shape, often in several layers. Using a special light, the material is then hardened. Further layers can then be added accordingly. The procedure is then completed with smoothing of the tooth surface and polishing.