May 4, 2023

Can Invisalign fix an overbite? | Ruh Dental

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Dr Rizwan Mahmood BDS MFDS MSC


Is Invisalign the right treatment option for fixing an overbite? We will explore the possibility of Invisalign fixing an overbite and the associated costs.

Is it possible to fix your overbite with Invisalign?

An overbite is an orthodontic condition caused when the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth too much from the front view. However, what most people understand to be an overbite is the overlap of the front teeth to the bottom teeth from the side as you can see below.

Example 1

Patient with large overbite (the correct orthodontic terminology)

Large vertical overlap of front teeth over the bottom teeth referred to as deep bite or large overbite (orthodontically correct term)

Example 2

Patient with large “overbite” – not the correct terminology, but what most patients come in complaining of (the correct orthodontic terminology is actually overjet)

Large horizontal overlap of front teeth over the bottom teeth referred to as large overbite (orthodontically correct term is large overjet).

For the purpose of this blog we will take overbite meaning the overlap between the top and bottom teeth from the horizontal or side view, as this is one of the most common problems patients want to fix.

A Big overbite can be an annoying and embarrassing issue, but luckily, Invisalign has made it easier to fix than ever before. Let’s take a closer look at how Invisalign works and why it’s a great choice for correcting your overbite.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign is a system of clear, removable aligners that are custom-designed to fit your mouth perfectly. The aligners are worn for about 22 hours a day, and each one is designed to move your teeth into their correct position in small increments. As you progress through the aligners, your teeth will gradually move into their desired positions until you achieve your desired result.

Advantages of Using Invisalign

One of the biggest advantages of using Invisalign is that it’s completely invisible. Unlike traditional braces which are quite noticeable, the clear plastic aligners are virtually undetectable and won’t draw any unwanted attention to your mouth. Additionally, since they can be removed at any time, you don’t have to worry about food getting stuck in them or having difficulty brushing and flossing like you would with regular braces.

In addition to being more discreet than traditional braces, Invisalign also offers better comfort levels as well. Since the aligners are made of smooth plastic rather than metal brackets and wires, they cause far less irritation to the soft tissues inside your mouth. This makes them more comfortable to wear and increases overall patient satisfaction with the treatment process itself.

Finally, another advantage of using Invisalign is that it requires fewer appointments with an orthodontist than traditional braces do. With traditional braces you typically have to go in every four to six weeks or so for adjustments; however, with Invisalign all you need to do is switch out the aligners every week or so on your own time without having to visit an orthodontist’s office every few weeks.

What is an overbite?

An overbite is where the upper front teeth extend too far out beyond the bottom teeth.

Health problems due to an overbite

Can stop you from being able to keep your lips closed
This can cause dryness of the teeth and mouth and potential tooth decay and gum disease
Can cause your lip to get caught in your teeth
May make it difficult for you to eat or chew certain foods
Can affect speech
May affect your appearance negatively leading to a lack of confidence
Make you more likely to damage the upper teeth
Jaw pain and discomfort
Appearance of narrow smile

How can Invisalign help with your overbite?

Invisalign is a very good solution to help improve an overbite. It can help in a number of different ways depending on the extent of the overbite

One way of reducing the overbite is through something called arch expansion where the upper arch is widened to give a wider and fuller smile – the added benefit is that when the arch is made wider, the front teeth move towards the tongue reducing the actual overbite

Another way we can correct overbites by creating spaces in the upper arch and then pushing the teeth backwards to reduce the overbite.

Here the upper wisdom teeth were removed and the teeth were all moved backwards to reduce the overbite

The space creation can be made by either taking teeth out if the overbite is very large, or even making small little gaps between the teeth.

How long will it take to fix an overbite?

The length of time taken to fix and overbite depends on the size and extent of the overbite. If it is very large, then, chances are it will take longer, whereas smaller overbites are much easier to reduce

Braces vs Invisalign

Braces have traditionally been the mainstay to correct overbites. However, with the advent of new digital technology and improved techniques, there is very little that Invisalign cannot do. As Invisalign braces are clear, discreet and generally require minimal appointments, they are often the treatment of choice compared to braces.

What is the cost of Invisalign to fix an overbite?

The cost of fixing an overbite will vary depending on the complexity of the situation. Milder overbites will start at approximately £3300 with more difficult overbite corrections needing more time, appointments and expertise which will be approximately £4200. All treatment plans can be paid on a monthly basis via finance application which is also available at 0%.

Before and after Invisalign treatment for an overbite

Can Invisalign fix any tooth or bite Problem?

Invisalign can fix 95% of bite problems, however there may be situation where other treatment options like fixed braces would be better suited, for example when a tooth is stuck in the roof of the mouth and needs to be brought into position. Also where there is a very deep bite which needs extra support to correct

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