April 14, 2023

All On 4 Dental Implants

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Replace your missing or damaged teeth with our all on 4 dental implants from Ruh Dental. Our long term solution will have you smiling confidently again.

What is all on 4 and all on 6 dental implants?

If you are missing several teeth, or if all of your teeth are in need of replacement, you may have heard about a revolutionary type of dental implant called All on 4. Also known as “Teeth in a Day” implants, All on 4 is an innovative process that involves replacing your missing teeth with four (or six when describing All on 6) strategically placed implants that support a full arch of fixed teeth. Let’s learn more about how this process works and what to expect.

The All on 4 procedure is relatively straightforward and can often be completed in just one day. During the procedure, your treating dentist will place four titanium implants into the jaw at specific angles and depths to maximize stability and strength. This allows for fewer implant posts than traditional implant procedures, which requires individual posts for each missing tooth. Once the dental implants have been placed, a fixed arch of upper or lower teeth is attached to the implants for immediate results.

Replace your missing teeth in one day

Missing teeth can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable experience. It can affect your confidence and make it difficult to eat and speak. Fortunately, there is a modern solution to this age-old problem: same-day dental implants. In as little as one day, you can have the smile of your dreams, thanks to same-day dental implants.

What Are Same-Day Dental Implants?

Same-day dental implants. are a type of implant that can be placed the same day that the broken or failing tooth is removed. Unlike traditional implant procedures, which require several weeks or months between the placement of the implant and when it is ready to use, same-day dental implants are ready immediately after they are placed. This means that you don’t have to wait weeks or months for your new smile—you can walk out of your appointment with a beautiful smile in just one day.

How Same-Day Dental Implants Work

The process for getting same-day dental implants begins with an initial consultation where the dentist will evaluate your mouth and teeth to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. Once you have been approved, scans are taken of your mouth and in advance of the surgery day, the implants are ordered that will fit perfectly in your mouth. On the day of the procedure, the dentist will place the dental implant into your jawbone and then attach your custom made crown or bridge on top of it. The entire process takes about three to four hours, after which you can walk out with a brand new smile!

What is the process and aftercare for all in 4 dental implants?

The first step in the process is to meet with your dentist to discuss your options and decide if All on 4 dental implants are right for you. During this consultation, your dentist will take x-rays and evaluate your jawbone to determine if it is suitable enough to support the implants. Once it is determined that you are a candidate for the procedure, you will be scheduled for surgery where the implants will be placed.

After Surgery

After surgery, it is important to follow your dentist instructions carefully when it comes to caring for your mouth and recovering from surgery. This includes taking medications as prescribed, eating soft foods that are easy on the gums, avoiding smoking or drinking alcohol while you heal, and performing gentle rinsing with warm salt water two times daily. It is also important to practice good oral hygiene by brushing twice a day with a soft toothbrush and flossing once a day with waxed floss. These steps should help reduce any swelling or discomfort in the area where the dental implant was placed.

Once the All on 4 procedure is complete the titanium posts fuse with your jawbone over 6-12 weeks. This fusion creates a strong foundation for permanent teeth replacements such as dentures or bridges and helps ensure they stay secure in place without slipping around or falling out while talking or eating food. The length of time needed for this fusion depends on how well you care for yourself during recovery but typically takes between 6-12 weeks before permanent teeth replacements can be put into place.

All on 4 dental implants provide many benefits including restoring full facial structure by replacing missing teeth, improving chewing ability so patients can enjoy their favorite foods again, increasing comfort because there are no removable parts like dentures have, improved speech due to having more secure teeth compared to traditional dentures, and an overall increase in self-confidence.

Who can benefit from all on 4 or all on 6 implants?

If you’ve been considering dental implants, you may have heard of the All on Four implant system. This revolutionary procedure offers a permanent solution to missing teeth, and can provide patients with a fully functional set of teeth in as little as one day.

It involves the placement of four strategically placed dental implants that are used to secure an entire arch of prosthetic teeth. Unlike traditional dentures, which are removable, these prosthetic teeth remain in place permanently once they are attached to the implants. The All on Four implant system is designed so that there is no visible metal or screws; all that will be seen is your beautiful new smile!

The All on Four Implant System is ideal for individuals who are missing several or all of their natural teeth. It’s also great for those who have worn down their natural teeth due to grinding or other causes. The All on Four Implant System provides a permanent solution to tooth loss, allowing patients to enjoy their normal activities without worrying about their dentures slipping out of place or falling off entirely. Additionally, this procedure requires minimal recovery time, so patients can resume their normal activities quickly and easily after treatment.

Benefits of the Procedure

The benefits of the All on Four Implant System are numerous. First and foremost, it provides an aesthetically pleasing result that looks and feels natural while simultaneously restoring full function of the mouth—allowing patients to eat and speak with confidence once again. Additionally, this procedure eliminates the need for adhesives commonly used with dentures, making it easier (and more comfortable) than ever before to replace lost or damaged teeth. Finally, since the implants fuse with the jawbone over time (a process known as osseointegration), they help keep your jaw strong and healthy while providing lasting stability for your new prosthetic teeth.

Loose or failing teeth

If you feel like your teeth are loose, it can be a frightening experience. Loose or failing teeth are usually caused by gum disease, but the good news is that there are treatments available to help restore your oral health.

Gum Disease and Tooth Loss

One of the most common causes of loose or failing teeth is gum disease. Gum disease is an infection of the gums that affects millions of people each year. It’s important to catch gum disease early because it can lead to tooth loss if left untreated. The signs and symptoms of gum disease include red, swollen, or tender gums; bleeding while brushing; bad breath; receding gums; and loose or sensitive teeth.

Treatments for Loose Teeth

If you think you may have gum disease, it’s important to visit your dentist as soon as possible so they can diagnose and treat it accordingly. Depending on the severity of the condition, your dentist may recommend a deep cleaning (scaling) procedure and/or antibiotics to manage the infection. In more advanced cases, surgery may be necessary in order for your dentist to properly treat the problem. Other treatments for loose teeth include dental implants, bridges, and dentures.

Dental Hygiene Tips

The best way to prevent gum disease (and thus prevent loose or failing teeth) is by practicing good oral hygiene habits such as brushing twice a day with fluoride toothpaste and flossing daily with waxed dental floss. Additionally, make sure you’re visiting your dentist regularly—at least twice a year—for routine checkups and cleanings so they can monitor any changes in your oral health over time.

Multiple teeth missing

Missing multiple teeth can be a difficult experience for many people. Not only does it affect your appearance, but it can also have an impact on your ability to chew and speak properly. Fortunately, there are several options available for replacing multiple missing teeth that can help you restore the function and appearance of your smile.

Do not want dentures?

Does the thought of dentures make you feel uneasy? You’re not alone. Many patients would rather find an alternative to traditional dentures and are looking for options that don’t require them to wear uncomfortable and unnatural-looking dentures. But fear not — there are many options available to help you get a beautiful, natural-looking smile without relying on dentures!

Dental Implants

One of the most popular alternatives to dentures is dental implants. Dental implants are titanium posts that are surgically placed in your jawbone and act as anchors for replacement teeth. They look, feel, and function just like regular teeth and can be used to replace one tooth or several missing teeth. They also help preserve the integrity of your jawbone by stimulating it with pressure when you chew, which helps prevent further bone loss.


If you’re missing more than one tooth but don’t want to pursue dental implants, fixed bridges may be an option for you. This type of restoration uses existing natural teeth as abutments (anchors) for a false tooth, or pontic, which fills in the gap between them.

Partial Dentures

Removable partial dentures provide a temporary solution for replacing missing teeth until other restorative treatments can be completed. Partial dentures consist of a metal framework fitted with artificial teeth mounted on pink acrylic bases that resemble gums; these “gums” fit into gaps where natural teeth have been lost or extracted. Though they don’t look as natural as other alternatives, partial dentures are inexpensive and offer benefits such as improved chewing ability and speech clarity when compared to complete (full) dentures.

Benefits of all on 4 dental implants

The benefits of the All on Four Implant System are numerous. First and foremost, it provides an aesthetically pleasing result that looks and feels natural while simultaneously restoring full function of the mouth—allowing patients to eat and speak with confidence once again. Additionally, this procedure eliminates the need for adhesives commonly used with dentures, making it easier (and more comfortable) than ever before to replace lost or damaged teeth. Finally, since the implants fuse with the jawbone over time (a process known as osseointegration), they help keep your jaw strong and healthy while providing lasting stability for your new prosthetic teeth.

Gives a natural look

Dental implants are one of the most popular procedures for replacing missing teeth. The implant crown (the part you would see and bite with) is customized to match the existing teeth, perfectly integrating with their smile and providing a more comfortable feel. With natural looking dental implants, you can finally have the confidence of having a beautiful, natural-looking smile without anyone being able to tell the difference. If you’re looking for dental solutions that will give you the confidence and freedom to smile, natural looking dental implants are a great option that should be strongly considered.

Less healing time

When deciding on a dental procedure, many people are looking for solutions that don’t require an incredibly long healing time. Thankfully, dental implants offer quick healing times and longevity. As someone who needs to get back to my daily activities as soon as possible, the prospect of not having to wait weeks or even months for a dental procedure to heal is attractive.

Dental implants can even be placed immediately where a broken or damaged tooth is removed and simultaneously replaced with a dental implant enabling you to leave with your new teeth in the same day

What are the costs for all on 4 implants?

All on 4 implants including the fixed set of teeth start at £12,995, which can increase depending on the complexity and additional treatments that may be required. This includes the cost of all the components required in addition to the cost of the surgical procedure and technical fabrication of the fixed teeth which you will leave with on the same day. Additional procedures may be required, however this will all be discussed with you in detail at the consultation appointment.

Why choose Ruh dental for your dental implants?

We provide a full range of dental implant treatments including single, multiple and even all on 4 implants. The level of expertise and experience of the treating clinicians in tandem with the caring and supporting treatment coordinators will ensure you have the best experience. When dental implants are not possible, we will look at alternative solutions to help give you the best outcome.

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