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The Benefits of Invisalign for Open Bite | Ruh Dental

Open bite, particularly anterior open bite, is a common dental problem where the upper and lower front teeth don’t meet when biting down. Not only can it cause difficulty in chewing and speaking, but it can also affect the appearance of one’s smile. Fortunately, there’s Invisalign, an orthodontic treatment that […]

Correcting overbite teeth with Invisalign

Many people refer to an overbite as a condition where the upper front teeth sit in excess in front of the lower teeth when biting. Many people have overbites, and it can cause both cosmetic and health concerns. At times people feel shy to smile due to this condition, and also overbite can affect chewing […]

Understanding how Invisalign moves your teeth | Ruh Dental

Want to know how Invisalign works? Learn how Invisalign moves teeth, why it is so effective, and how it could be the right treatment for you. How does Invisalign move your teeth? Invisalign is a form of orthodontic treatment that is growing in popularity. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign uses invisible clear aligners to gradually […]

Can Invisalign fix an overbite? | Ruh Dental

Is Invisalign the right treatment option for fixing an overbite? We will explore the possibility of Invisalign fixing an overbite and the associated costs. Is it possible to fix your overbite with Invisalign? An overbite is an orthodontic condition caused when the top teeth overlap the bottom teeth too much from the front […]

How much will Invisalign cost for you?

Is Invisalign the right treatment for you? If you are considering orthodontic treatment, you may have heard of Invisalign. Invisalign is a brand of clear aligners that can straighten your teeth without the need for metal brackets or wires. It is an excellent option for adults and teens who want a discreet way to improve […]