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What are Fillings?

Dental decay is very common affecting 1 in 3 adults (adult dental health survery 2009 ¹

In addition, most tooth decay only will begin to become evident to you when it is deeper into the sensitive part of the tooth which can cause sensitivity and dental pain. As it is somewhat silent, it is crucial to attend every 6 months (at least) for a dental examination with a dentist to assess your teeth for signs of decay before it gets deeper.

At Ruh Dental, our focus is on prevention to try and avoid the process of decay from occurring wherever possible. Tooth decay occurs through the process of dietary sugar consumption. This sugar is used as a food source by the bacteria which are situated in our mouth. These bacteria produce an acidic waste product which causes tooth decay. It is our goal to coach and best advise you on dietary habits and good oral hygiene to prevent tooth decay from occurring in the first place.

In the event that tooth decay does occur, we also have a way of repairing and restoring the damaged part of the teeth, with tooth fillings.

Tooth fillings come in a variety of materials and aim to restore part of the teeth which has been damaged by decay or wear. Some tooth fillings can be temporary in nature in order for a more permanent one to be made later. Temporary fillings are also useful when mid treatment; for example during a root canal procedure which requires several appointments.

Permanent fillings on the other hand can be placed directly in the dental chair, which is the case most of the time or can be made by the lab. The lab based fillings are called inlays or if they are covering the top surface of the tooth, they are called onlays.

They differ to dental crowns in that they are less damaging to the natural tooth structure and only cover the biting surface of the teeth. They can be made from gold, porcelain or zirconia.

At Ruh Dental we only use white tooth coloured fillings as the silver amalgam fillings contain mercury, are not as environmentally friendly and are less aesthetically appealing. The tooth coloured filling is a strong resin based material called composite. The use of this material has superseded most other gold and silver fillings as they are easy to mould and place in the dental chair, are very strong and also match the natural tooth colour shade.

The process

Anaesthetic is used to numb the area accordingly to make sure the procedure is as comfortable as possible and that you feel no pain.

The decay or defect in the tooth structure is removed initially and cleaned out. The tooth surface is then prepared with a special gel to ensure the tooth coloured filling material adheres better to the tooth surface.

The tooth filling is then moulded to the correct size and shape. It is then set hard with a special light.

Following final adjustments and polishing, the tooth coloured filling is now ready to function.

  Symptom Checker

If you are experiencing of the symptoms below, you may need Fillings

Discolouration of fillings can occur for a variety of reasons. This can be due to staining due to wear and tear over time, but it can also be a sign of tooth decay. Tooth decay under fillings can be problematic and can lead to fillings needing to be repaired. If left for a long period of time, decay can occur which can require more intensive treatment

What to do – Ensure that you book in with your dentist regularly to ensure any staining is checked and monitored, as it does not always need treatment. Quite often a clean with a hygienist can get rid of superficial staining. If the stain is underneath the filling and has darkened the tooth, this may require further treatment.

Over the course of time, fillings go through wear and tear and will need replacing. If they are kept clean and well maintained, they will last longer. If a filling is broken it will need to be repaired, sooner rather than later. This is because it could be a sign of decay that a filling has broken, but it also can cause the tooth to weaken. This can result in further damage and fracture of the remaining tooth structure.

What to do – Arrange to see a dentist as soon as possible to repair the broken filling

Pain from your teeth is the body’s way of telling you that something is not quite right. Pain from a filling can occur for a variety of reasons, which can be due to decay under it, the fact that it could be fractured or deteriorated and even due to a deeper problem with the nerve of the tooth.

What to do:

Use a de-sensitising toothpaste in the meantime before you see the dentist to have this invesitgated.

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from £150 - £350

Frequently Asked Questions

Anaesthetic is used, to ensure the area is numbed and make the procedure as comfortable as possible. The decay will then need to be removed and cleaned. The tooth will then be filled with the tooth coloured filling material and shaped accordingly. Once adequately shaped and contoured it will then be set hard with a special light. Following some final smoothing and polishing, the bite will be checked to ensure it feels normal and the filling will be complete.

In an emergency appointment where a filling has broken down it may be necessary to place a temporary filling, to protect the tooth from breaking down further and provide a protective barrier until the final filling can be placed.

The best way is to ensure you are cleaning and flossing them regularly twice a day and ensuring that the health of them are checked at least every 6 months. Fillings if looked after can last for many years.


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