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No, as the tooth preparation, (if required at all) is limited to the outer surface of the teeth which is the non-sensitive part.

Occasionally there may be minor adjustments to the teeth, but this is minimal and often not required at all. 

The dentist providing the veneers will look at the current shape of the teeth, their colour, your facial and gum contours as well as things like lip position and tooth symmetry to make a decision on the character and profile of the veneers. However, the dental lab can perform a waxed version attached to a study model of your teeth so you can see and even trial the smile before any treatment begins.

Regular maintenance with a hygienist and treating them like you would for any of your natural teeth is best practice, as this allows for them to stay healthy for as long as possible

Veneers Pricing

Per Tooth

from £850

Finance options available

Per Tooth

from £750-£850

Finance options available

What are Veneers?

Are thin, layered shells of porcelain or composite which can be attached to the teeth. They are used in situations when teeth are damaged, chipped, excessively stained or worn.

They can also be used to alter the shapes of teeth and close gaps between teeth as required. Whilst composite bonding has become very popular recently, veneers if looked after well can last longer leaving a stunning long lasting smile. Veneers are not particularly invasive and often require minimal if any natural tooth adjustment at all.


  1. Veneers enable a quick way and guaranteed way to whiten correct any minor discrepancies in tooth shape. Usually they are made of porcelain and are performed on 4-6 teeth so that the shade and shape of the new teeth are kept uniform.
  2. Minor orthodontic discrepancies can be camouflaged with porcelain veneers which could be of benefit particularly if you are not keen on having any orthodontic treatment
  3. If there are any defects or deep stain which has occurred as the tooth has developed or it has been traumatised, it sometimes can be hard to mask with whitening or composite veneers. Similarly if the underlying enamel has been damaged, porcelain veneers can be used to improve the appearance shape and symmetry of your smile


  1. Porcelain veneers can be more costly than other forms of smile makeover treatments such as composite bonding as the veneers are made and processed in a specialised lab by a master ceramist.
  2. As some of the tooth structure is being adjusted and removed, it is an irreversible procedure whereas composite bonding is less invasive. Sensitivity can also occur as a result of this after the porcelain veneers have been placed on the teeth.


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