A message from our CEO, Zayba Sheikh

We wish to reassure all Ruh Dental patients that your safety and that of our staff is paramount, and that we continue to follow advice of relevant authorities in particular Public Health England, NHS England and the Government.

We have meticulously considered the published scientific data and aim to provide a safe environment for our patients and staff, based on guidelines that aim to minimise any transmission risks. This involves the provision of relevant personal protective equipment (PPE) and clinic operational changes.

Infection Prevention & Control

We already operate strict infection control and hygiene policies in all of our clinics and have ramped this up further in the best interests of patients and staff members. This includes employing social distancing measures where practicable, regular decontamination throughout the working day and providing full PPE for all staff members.

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We’ve outlined a comprehensive reopening policy to ensure maximum safety for our patients and staff across all clinics.


Our phasing approach for treatments carried out

We are limiting clinical activity to treatments that are categorised as low risk for aerosol generation.

  • Orthodontics
  • Whitening
  • Hand scales
  • Cosmetic Dentistry – speed increasing hand pieces/slow handpicks
  • Extractions
  • Dental implants
  • Use of intra oral scanners where possible
  • Facial Aesthetics


Aim: Reduce clinic capacity by 30%

Opening Hours

Our opening hours remain, however we are only see patients from 9am-530pm in all our clinics to ensure that our teams are given extended cleaning and preparation times.

Appointment Duration

Appointments are all extended so that we are minimising the number of people in our clinics.


Social distancing measures in place

We are introducing a number of measures to help protect both patients and staff members. These include

  • Limiting the number of patients in the clinics at any one time
  • Introducing floor signage to all clinics to ensure patients and staff are kept at a safe distance
  • Screens have been placed at the reception desks of all the clinics
  • All clinical staff members will be wearing PPE. All non clinical staff members will be wearing protective visors.
  • We are asking patients to attend their appointments alone.
  • We encourage our patients to use cashless and contactless payments to prevent unnecessary contact.


Confirmation of Covid-19 related status

All patients are asked five screening questions before attending an appointment. These are:

  1. Have you had any signs of a prolonged coughs or temperature in the last few days
  2. Have you travelled to any high-risk countries in the last few weeks?
  3. Have you had COVID-19 in the past?
  4. Have you been in contact with anyone who may the corona virus?
  5. Do you have any underlying medical conditions that may put you at risk?


Changes to the layout of our clinics

All magazines and all non-essential material have been removed, including drinks dispensers (dispensing plastic water bottles only).

Waiting area will be scheduled for regular cleaning throughout the day including chairs, floor, door handles etc.

Waiting areas will be mapped out in all clinics.

Entering the clinic alcohol hand sanitiser to be used.

All patients offered gloves if they wish to wear them.

Air purification systems in all waiting rooms to be clinically proven to clean air every 6 mins.

No air conditioning use.


Personal Protective Equipment for Ruh Dental Staff

Non Clinical Staff

Ruh Uniform Blouses


Short Nails

No Dangling Hand Jewellery

Clinical Staff






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